Dresscode Policy

AnimeCon.org events are very cosplay and creativity oriented and many attendees come in costumes. We have established a dresscode policy to clarify our standards when it comes to our events.


In general, outfits that are legal to wear in public will be legal to wear at our conventions.


Outfits that cover all the “naughty bits” are usually acceptable at our events – depending on the specific circumstances. Outfits designed for no other reason other than to be as revealing as possible may be disallowed to maintain a family-friendly environment. However we understand that many of the shows we watch may have very exaggerated outfits, and it is our wish not to limit your creativity. We ask that you use your best judgement. If you bring a revealing outfit, we ask you to please remember to have a backup outfit in case for some reason our staff must ask you to change. Even though we try not to be limiting, this is not always possible.


These are our policies but our host venues and certain event centers may have more restrictive policies. These policies also may be modified from time to time (even mid-event) as necessary to accommodate the public good, for goodwill, and other reasons as we find necessary. We want to be respectful when it comes to your creativity and we also wish to be respectful of others.