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January 6 - 8, 2023

Welcome to another awesome Anime-ZAP!

Anime-ZAP! brings together over 1,000+ anime fans for a three-day anime convention celebration. As the biggest winter anime convention in Illinois, Anime-ZAP! has more events, dealers, artists, attractions, and viewing rooms than any other convention. Our Illinois anime convention has over fifty events every year, and we'll be adding special guests, more panels, and more activities than ever this year. That makes us the largest winter Illinois anime convention.

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Anime-ZAP! is a three day convention that celebrates anime, video games, comic books, and popular culture. Attend the event in costume and make new friends who like anime. Over a thousand people who like anime and pop culture will join us for a fun time filled with cosplays, vendors selling anime merchandise, and amazingly talented artists.
An convention.
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